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EERS Global invents, designs and tests in-ear advanced technologies to accelerate the

go-to-market phase of game-changing products. Our cutting-edge technology augments the human experience in communication in challenging situations, hearing protection, biometric and wellness monitoring and brain-computer interfacing. They are repeatedly validated in the field. ​Through co-development partnerships, we bring a stream of new products to market. Beyond prototyping, we produce scalable, easily transferable, manufacturable products taking the development execution risk out of the equation.

The original goal of EERS was to prevent noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), the #1 occupational disease, that costs billions of dollars to manage, and is tragic on a human level as it is 100% preventable. Over the years, we understood that the ear is the gateway to the body. This led us to invent advanced technologies for hearing protection, communication in challenging environments, wellness, medical, augmented hearing, gaming, and many more applications.


Today, we are a leader in disruptive in-ear technologies that enhance and preserve the auditory quality of life.


We have worked on innovations that they are now ready for human applications. We continue to convert our growing IP portfolio, technical know-how and deep domain knowledge into separate ventures, each with a clear path to commercialization through partner licensing and co-development agreements with industry leaders.

Ears are the gateway to the body: via the ear canal, we can detect and monitor  biometric data, brain and electrical signals.

Biometrics include blood pressure, heart rate, oxygenation, and breathing rates, and many others. Technology today can measure health and emotional wellness and adapt hearing aid sound quality based on changing ambient noise levels.


We can even detect and filter sounds booming inside the skull: voice, blinking, breathing, coughing or swallowing. Using our proprietary algorithms, we can filter out unwanted noise, allow you communicate in noise, or use silent machine controls, like simple nonverbal commands such as answering your phone by clicking your tongue or easily interact in “whisper mode” with your A.I. virtual assistant in a noisy airport.

In-ear technology already has a high adoption rate – we wear earbuds daily – they are non-intrusive, and globally accepted.

Technology (especially sensors and CPUs) is getting smaller, faster and more capable. The smartphones we carry around with us provide a huge amount of processing power. Coupled with our ongoing innovative in-ear technologies, EERS is uniquely positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

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EERS Global
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To visit our Research Chair, the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS) click here.

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