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Be part of a team that is obsessed with innovative solutions.

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December 2022

We do not have any open positions currently but don’t hesitate to send your resume. We will contact you if a position corresponding to your skills becomes available. Thank you

Anchor - Audio R&R Specialist

Cool Working and Wellbeing Strategies at EERS

Our head office is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, in the INGO innovation Center: sponsored by ÉTS University. We share the floor with our colleagues in our industrial research chair CRITIAS.

We offer competitive salaries as well as a great team environment. EERS Global is an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity.

As a highly specialized global centre of excellence, we hire high-caliber scientists and engineers from around the world.

Considering the exceptional situation with the pandemic, most of our employees currently work from home but we also have two Campus locations outside Montreal in the countryside that provide a quiet serene space to work remotely.

About EERS

Founded in 2014, EERS Global invents, designs and tests in-ear advanced technologies to accelerate the go-to-market phase of game-changing products. Our cutting-edge technology augments the human experience in communication in challenging situations, hearing protection, biometric and wellness monitoring, brain computer interfacing, and is repeatedly validated in the field and some have become an ANSI Standard.

Through co-development partnerships, we bring a stream of new products to market. Beyond prototyping, we produce scalable, easily transferable, manufacturable product taking the development execution risk out of the equation.

Our team designs products that apply novel proprietary algorithms developed in partnership with our industrial research Center in in-ear technologies at ÉTS University, Canada’s 2nd largest engineering school.

Since ears are unique to everyone, it is a challenge to produce earpieces that are functional as well as comfortable. Not tethered to software and proprietary algorithms, we excel in hardware and earpiece design. Our multi-disciplined integrations includes expansion earpiece design, industrial design, ear geometrics, sensitivity mapping, and manufacturing processes for improved earpiece comfort and universal design.

About EERS Global


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Ajin Tom

Audio R&D scientist

A passionate musician and engineer, I am grateful for being able to apply my academic background and domain knowledge in ECE and audio. I love my work here, working at the intersection of DSP/A.I./hardware, carrying out impactful applied research and development on in-ear speech processing algorithms.



Selim Izrar

Full Stack Developer

I like the fact I have an important role in this extremely qualified team - it’s very stimulating seeing our work come to fruition. Even during the pandemic, I’m impressed how cohesive our team is.


Charles Garneau.jpeg

Charles Garneau

COO, EERS 2Live Division

I strongly believe that in-ear technologies will provide revolutionary business opportunities for months and years to come. EERS is already a step ahead thanks to its unique knowledge, both technical and scientific, as well as substantial number of patents.

Our Ongoing Scientific Research

Featured in MDPI, this study illustrated in-ear man down device as an effective monitoring platform. Tested using a large public database, it revealed a significant reduction of the false alarms rate to 1.1%, reaching up to 99% accuracy.

Man down situations (MDS) are a health or life threatening situations occurring largely in high-risk industrial workplaces. MDS automatic detection is crucial for workers safety especially in isolated working conditions where workers could be unable to call for help on their own, either due to loss of consciousness or an incapacitating injury. These solution must be reliable, robust, easy to use, but also have a low false-alarm rate, short response time and good ergonomics. 

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