Safe communication should not be optional

High-noise communication with intelligent hearing health tracking

SonX is designed to withstand the daily rigors of heavy industrial production and manufacturing

When it comes to hearing protection and high noise communication, Canadian-made SonX keeps workers as safe as possible while maintaining optimal team performance in the most severe environments. SonX is the result of 15 years of investment and deep market knowledge - a breakthrough for workers.

1. You are always protected because you don’t need to remove your protection to hear others.

Microphones are built into the earpiece. Smart technology scrubs and eliminates background noise for a clear sound.


2. You don’t need to shout, remove your respirator, or head gear to be heard.  

Voice is picked up directly within the ear canal - behind the protection of the earpiece.


3. SonX reinforces good safety protocols and lets you know you have properly inserted your hearing protection. 

SonX Fit Test lets you know immediately if you have a good fit. The results ensure a “green light” for everyone: good results mean the team’s PPT communication quality is improved as well. TeamLink tracking proactively supports management with daily worker noise exposure reporting.

4. Multiple communication options: 

4 push-to-talk channels as well as Bluetooth™ connectivity keeps you and your team in touch.



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