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Our Team and Abilities

We develop technology through each state of innovation in partnership with partner companies, universities and research centers. From academic research and proof of concept to marketable scalable products, we have a highly qualified team of engineers, developers, audiologists, and scientists, ready to contribute to your projects.

Academic Research

EERS holds the largest industrial research chair in in-ear technology in Canada. The Industrial Research Chair in In-ear Technology (CRITIAS) is a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) chair that focuses its work on digital hearing protection, communication in noise and in-ear bio-sensing. With more than 26 Ph.D., master’s and post-doctoral students and 300 publications, CRITIAS is a leader in auditory research in the world.

Our Academic Research Partnerships

PAIR - Parkinson Quebec

The Portable Audio and IMU Recorder (PAIR) project is a collaboration with Parkinson Quebec to detect early stage of Parkinson’s disease. We developed a device that monitors the head movements of the user and records the sound from both inside and outside the ear canal. With access to the breathing rate and swallowing of the user, the Parkinson Quebec team observes any disruption in breathing or speech with physiological cues, related to the disease. Because the device is worn by the patient, we allow the user to hear the sounds from their environment for transparent communication.

Industrial Research

We develop new earpieces & platforms that aim to facilitate the industrial research and accelerate the product’s go-to-market phase. Research laboratories and large manufacturing companies partner with us to validate and demonstrate their technologies in the field.

Abilities & Methods

We have 3 audio booths to conduct accurate tests and push the limits of our devices. We make sure all our earpieces and platforms are identical and match specific requirements. We use Mannequin Simulation to directly listen to the user’s hearing and achieve perfect binaural recordings. We conduct large-scale human trials with approved experimental procedures to validate our technology. As all ears are unique, it is critical that our technology can adapt to everyone.


We create and manufacture all our earpieces in our labs with 3D printers. We also design and prototype all our products and assemble them on-site.

Product Development


Our breakthrough technology, SonX, used by companies like Rio Tinto and Delta Airlines, was licensed  to 3M in 2019. Our team worked closely with 3M to integrate our cutting-edge technology into their product and deliver the new communication headset for the workers.


The 3M™ PELTOR™ Professional In-Ear Communication Headset PIC-100 is an innovative, on-demand fit test that informs the users of their personal protection level, while an in-ear speech microphone and multiple wireless technologies enable clear communication in noisy environments and will soon be available for sale worldwide

3M™ PELTOR™ Professional In Ear Communication Headset PIC-100 NA, 20/Case | 3M Canada

Licensing & Partnerships

Business Development
Nick Laperle, CEO

Scientific Publications

For key peer-reviewed published papers click here.


EERS Global
INGO Innovation Centre
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General Enquiries

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Media & Public Relations

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Research Chair Holder

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To visit our Research Chair, the NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS) click here.

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